Sunday, 26 April 2015

She needed Kola in other ways #sexysnippets #asmsg Kola

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This week I've got another snippet from my work-in-progress, Kola, the first in The Essien Trilogy spinoff. Tari has just finished a phone conversation with her fiance. This is what happens next.

It's way longer than seven sentences but I hope you don't mind.

Hands shaking, Tari switched off the phone. It slipped and clattered onto the wooden top. Head bowed, hands gripping the table edge, she fought tears stinging the backs of her eyes. She wouldn't cry, damn it.
Skin on her nape prickled. Lifting her gaze, she met Kola's fiery one. Shoulders bunched, fists clenched, he looked ready to pound something.
“Did I hear you right? Did that bastard just threaten you?” his voice came out low and gritty.
She didn’t respond. Instead she pushed off the table and stared out of the kitchen window. The sun reflected of the calm pool and she sucked in a deep breath, hoping to draw the same serenity into her troubled mind. After a few deep breaths the anger inside abated, replaced by a different sensation. A deep awareness of the man standing behind her, of his masculine scent and body heat cocooning her in safety.  
“Tell me, Tari. Did he threaten you?” his tone gentled as if he decided that demanding a response wouldn't work with her.
She turned around. Despite his obvious fury, his gaze softened when she raised hers. Her protector. Always quick to come to her defence in the past. Now, she'd grown up and could fight her own battles. Peter didn't scare her. She could take care of her cheating fiancé.
However she needed Kola in other ways, if only he would oblige her.

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