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10 Reasons Why Being An Author of #RomanticSuspense Is Bad For You @ZeeMonodee

Yay! The final instalment to +Zee Monodee fantastic romantic suspense series, The Corpus Brides Trilogy is here. I've read the first two books in the series and if you enjoy action-packed suspense as well as panty-melting romance, then this series is definitely for you. So it's with huge fanfare that I give you Zee as she tells us why being an author of romantic suspense is bad...er, fun. LOL.

And check out the giveaway at the end. She came bearing gifts. :-)

Ten Reasons Why Being An Author of Romantic Suspense Is Bad For You

By Zee Monodee

1. Your life will always seem boring and mundane compared to the scenarios you come up with.

2. Suddenly, people start looking at you in a weird manner when they read your work, and find out how much the “sweet” person they know you to be... can think like a psycho and/or sociopath...

3. You find men who don’t walk the edge of danger boring.

4. You get to research and know a lot about guns and other weapons (probably too much...)

5. It’s not hard for you to imagine potential scenarios for getting rid of your boss/mother-in-law/slimy ex/your man’s psycho ex and figuring out exactly how to get away with it...

6.  You retreat into your bubble, because frankly, wherever you’re living will seem like the dumps when your stories are taking you to Paris, London, Prague, Cape Town, Lake Como, and other such glamorous, exotic locations.

7. You suddenly know a lot about biological weapons and can hold your own in a debate about the merits of this anti-terrorism strategy versus the other (putting you squarely into Nerd category!)

8. Coffee starts to replace blood in your body, because, face it, you need the adrenalin rush!

9. Vanilla sex gets just way too boring! Your characters need spice and the rush... and you take the irreversible step into hot and racy sex scene territory.

10. You start wishing you were your characters, never mind they’re totally screwed up....

More about her latest book, Let Mercy Come

Let mercy come...and wash away our sins...

A woman on the run

Valeriya Morozova has managed to carve out a do-over for herself away from the clutches of the Corpus agency. The one formerly known as Anastasiya still lives on the edge, paranoid anyone will bust her secret and turn her in. Agency leaders believe her to be at the heart of the failed mutinous plot to overtake command, and the price of that betrayal—never mind that she is innocent—will be her life, paid in blood.

A man who’s always followed orders
In his decades inside the Corpus agency, case officer and former super-spy Graeme Whitman—aka Scott—has always paid heed to rules and obeyed all his orders. When he is chosen to bring the traitor Anastasiya back into the fold, Scott knows it will be just one more job he will successfully complete. After all, doing the right thing is atonement for your past mistakes, right?

Secrets running deep
Scott has secrets; who doesn’t? But he isn’t prepared for the full cupboard of skeletons Anastasiya carries with her...starting with the reason why she ran away from the agency. The more he digs, the less he is certain of, until he comes to ask himself why everyone has falsely painted her as a hard-hearted sociopath.

But is Anastasiya a victim, or a skilful manipulator? When her past collides with her present, the future as both she and Scott conceived it shatters. They’ve answered the call of duty all their lives—will they have to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of love?


“Why did you run, Ana?”

She hitched in a breath. That’s the nickname he’d used— Don’t. Think. Of. That.

“Antonia. Nothing mattered except her. She wouldn’t grow up inside the agency, and I wouldn’t let anyone take her from me.”

“There was nothing else?”

“That wasn’t enough?” she shot back at him.

He sighed again. “Things have been happening inside the organization.”

“What kind of things?”

He stared at her. “Mutiny.”

“What?” Surprise dropped like an anvil over her and she stumbled to the bed, where she fell into a heap next to him. “You must be joking!”

“Sadly, no. You didn’t notice anything back in there? It never struck you that something could be amiss?”

She turned to face him. “Something was amiss, Scott—I was pregnant, about to bring an innocent, defenceless child into this fucked up existence of being a Corpus agent. Excuse me for not thinking of anything beside that.”

“Speaking of, who’s her father?”

She steeled herself to answer this question...with a non-answer. “Why did you have to fake your death?”

Had he noticed she’d evaded the query?

He remained silent for long seconds, before he responded. “You recall the Stepanovic case in Marseille, a little over a year ago? Nothing was going as planned there, and it even ended in a case death.”

She nodded. “No conclusive evidence, no influence worked, and he even disappeared after a while. Total failure for us on that one, I remember. The boss hadn’t been pleased.”

“You’ll also recall it’s not the only case that fell off the wayside around that period.”

She frowned. “Now that you mention it...”

“Someone from the inside was letting those criminals walk away. Fey had also disappeared; we suspected she’d gone rogue.”

She winced upon hearing that name. How she’d hated that woman, because Fey had worked with Scott and had managed to snare him into her bed a long time ago. She’d had everything Valeriya had ever wanted for herself.

“Then someone targeted Kali.”

“Oh, my God! Is she okay? She isn’t...?”

“She’s fine. Her agent status burned, but she’s alive, living like a civilian now in Notting Hill with her husband.”

A sigh of relief rushed out of her. Kali—aka Rayne Cheltham—had been her best friend inside the Corpus. Right before cutting and running from Prague, she’d done all she could to save the life of Ash, Rayne’s husband, who’d been hit by a rogue bullet when he’d walked in on one of her operations.

Rayne, the only person she’d informed of her leaving, without giving her any details as to why. Her friend must now think the worst of her.

And so must Scott, and everyone else. Clarity suddenly beamed in her mind.

“You think I had anything to do with this?” Only someone on the upper echelons of the organization could’ve pulled this mutiny through, what with having access to case files and their whole arsenal.

And she had disappeared right after Rayne got burned.

That’s why Scott had been looking for her.

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