Sunday, 10 February 2013

#Read A Valentine Challenge #SexySnippets 0.99c #eBook

Happy Sunday, everyone. Welcome back to the Sexy Snippets blog hop hosted by The Nuthouse Scribblers.

The idea is for writers to post a 7-sentence snippet from your work-in-progress or published work and share the post using the hashtag #sexysnippets. You are welcome to join in, just go to to sign up for the next hop.

I've taken my snippet from my contemporary Valentine romance, A Valentine Challenge (Challenge series, book 1) available for only 99cents. 
I hope you enjoy it.

He held her in place, pulling her closer, her pliant body against his solid bulk. His desire grew with each pump of his heart. The evidence of his arousal pulsed, pushing against his clothes.
He rocked into her, wanting her to feel his craving, his strength, his determination...her effect on him.
A sound like a soft sob escaped her lips. He put his hand into her hair and unpinned the tight bun. Her loose black hair cascaded down her back though his fingers.
“Kasie, kiss me,” he groaned out, commanding her to do what he felt she already wanted to do.
Share your thoughts and check out the other sexy snippets this week.