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Love is incomplete without heartbreak @AduraOjo #Authorspeak #chat

Happy Monday, people! I have the lovely +Adura Ojo  with me today and we're chatting about Love and Heartbreak. Come, join us and have a cuppa.

Over to you, Adura...

Thanks Kiru for hosting me on your blog today. I’m deeply honoured especially as you’ve already given me the benefit of a stunning professional offering in the shape of that beautifully robed woman gracing my book cover. Just to give readers a brief intro into how this post came about. We’d agreed that I’d do a guest post. I set out to write a guest post about love and heartbreak and this imaginary chat with Kiru cropped up in my head. So I ditched the guest post and typed up Kiru’s ‘chat’ with me instead!

Kiru: Have you ever fallen in love?
Adura: Yes.
Kiru: Did it hurt?
Adura: Yes dammit.
Kiru: Was there a happy ending?
Adura: No :-)
Kiru: Why are you smiling?
Adura: He was not who I thought he was. No one wants a happy ending to that.
Kiru: Do you talk about heartbreak in your poetry collection: ‘Life is a Woman Breaking Eggs?’
Adura: Yes. Some poems echo heartbreak amongst other themes. One such poem is ‘Window’. Another one is ‘Keys.’
Kiru: Do you also write about love?
Adura: Yes. There are some poems in the collection. Some are sensual too.
Kiru: Give us some lines.
Adura:  (Shyly) Okay…here’s a few from ‘Spring’:
crimson spring
prick of a finger bitter sweet
confusion, desire
hanging on ropes
smoke screening rivulets
freeing reality

Kiru: Heartbreak or love?
Heartbreak.  Life is incomplete without pathos. Love is incomplete without heartbreak. Romance novels and classic love films would not sell a dime if only love was on the agenda. We need that dramatic plot to keep us incurable romantics hooked.
Kiru: Aww…you’re an incurable romantic?
Adura : Yes…when I read your hot romances and drink too much wine which is more often than I would admit.
Kiru: What’s your best love quote?
Funny you should ask that. Here’s one I made earlier:
‘Love is incomplete without heartbreak.’
AND this one:
‘Love is both arms outstretched. It’s impossible with one arm across your heart.’
Kiru: What’s your best quote on heartbreak?
Adura: ‘Time to move on. ‘
Kiru: Short and sweet!
Adura: Best way to deal with it. *Laughs*
Kiru: Your ‘Life’ collection explores themes across the human experience. You’ve posted some sensual poems on your blog in the past. Can we expect a sensuality collection from you sometime soon?
Adura: As the muse leads, Kiru. We’ll have to see. I already have a title in my head. The title itself sounds ever so subtly sensual. Some poems are in the foray. If sensuality is a theme, it would be handled sensitively.
Kiru: Where can readers get ‘Life is a Woman Breaking Eggs?’
Adura: Amazon, and soon to be available on LULU, Smashwords, Kobo and other platforms.
Kiru: Thanks for being here, Adura.
Adura: It’s been my pleasure. I’ll leave you with a love quote from Maya Angelou which pretty much sums up the journey for me:

Love costs all we are
and will ever be.
Yet it is only love
which sets us free.
                   ~Maya Angelou


Adura Ojo is an author, poet, blogger and a mother of two. She is the author of Life is a Woman Breaking Eggs - her debut poetry collection - published in August 2014 by Lafia. She is a graduate of English, Law and Social Work and has enjoyed a varied career teaching, training and practicing as a mental health professional. She ‘really got into writing’ in 2004 when she took up a freelance columnist post with the Sunday Independent, Nigeria. Her work has been published in Sentinel Champions, Sentinel Nigeria, The Poetic Pinup Revue, and a number of websites. Adura lives in the UK. She is working on her debut novel and a second poetry collection.
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